Eco Friendly 9" Donut Ring Jute Dog Toy

Article Code - AIE-DT-7301

We have brouyht a series of Natural dog toy which will keep you and your beloved pet close to nature 


The Donut Is Stuffed With jute Rope And Covered with Layers Jute Fabric 

Our Toys Are perfect Eco-Friendly Products, 100% Natural, Bio-Degradable, Recyclable And Renewable And Are Made From Jute*Which Is 100% Natural Plant Fiber. Manufactured Under high Quality Standards Using Natural Materials And Methods With No Use Of any Chemicals Or Artifical Materials.

For chew and play only. Please remove if your tries to bite off or swallow pieces of ths toy.

Jute Is a vegetable fiber grown in indian sub-continent. It is probably the strongest natural fiber and second most important vegetable fiber after cotton. It resists moisture.About 200 year befor it was used to make children toys, After 200 year later, It is being used for quality pet toys 

It is a natural fiber with golden and sikly shine and hence called The golden fiber. It has high tensile strength, low extensiblity and ensure better breathablity. Jute Includes good insula ting and antistatic properties, as well as having low thermal conductivity and a moderate moisture regain

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